Discussing Projects in Progress

by Chris Cox ~ June 18th, 2010. Filed under: random thoughts, studio.

People often ask me, “so what are you working on now?” It’s asked in interviews, in clubs, and by peers and friends. I don’t know how to answer this many times because SO many things can change during the course of a project that it might not turn out to be the project you previously announced. I get so nervous when I see producers say “I’m in the studio working on…… with ……” (I’m guilty of it myself)

Why is this bad? When you announce the birth of something on the night that it is still being created, too many things can change that will leave people asking in the future “whatever happened to that song that you said was coming out?” It’s like the tradition of not discussing a pregnancy until the 2nd trimester. Even if you did an amazing job in the studio, the project is still at the mercy of management, labels, promo people, lawyers, etc…. Maybe the artist gets dropped, pregnant, or involved in some scandal that halts an entire album (been through ALL of those). In other words, until a record gets released, it does a better service to the artist and all involved to be a little more discreet. Plus, it adds a nice air of mystery when you can just release a project and people can THEN view the “behind the scenes” moments. For that same reason I hate seeing specials on how a movie was made BEFORE I have actually seen the movie.

I know it’s all about hype, promo, and bragging rights to tell the world what you are doing the second you are doing it, but I personally enjoy the privacy and uninhibited nature of the recording studio. Of secretly working in the studio on some monster that you will soon unleash on the world!

So with this is mind I can honestly tell you that I am currently working on:

  1. a track by a person who used to be in a big band
  2. a track by another person who is still in a big band
  3. a track by a big artist working with another big artist
  4. a track by an artist who hopes to be big someday
  5. a track by an artist that you have not heard of (yet)
  6. a track by a guy who makes tracks for other people

There! Time to get to work………..

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