Chris Cox DJs 2 Continents The Same Day!

by Chris Cox ~ April 19th, 2014. Filed under: dj gigs, music.

Chris Cox is no stranger to worldwide travel, and this weekend is sure to test his limits. He is playing Sao Paulo, Brazil and Miami, FL, USA on the SAME DAY on Saturday April 19, 2014.

The Sao Paulo party at Grand Metropole (and presented by The Week) is dated Friday, April 18, but Chris will not hit the stage until 2:30am on Saturday morning. He will then DJ until about 6am and then make an immediate dash for the airport to make a morning flight to Miami. Upon landing in Miami he will make a swift sound check, change clothes at the hotel, and hit the stage at 11pm for a 5 hour set! Sunday morning will see him take an early flight back to the West Coast to spend some of Easter with his family. Sleep should be well deserved by Sunday night!
Sao Paulo Metropole Flyer 2014
Miami Score Flyer 2014

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