Chris Cox Does OFFICIAL Remix for Daft Punk & Avicii

by Chris Cox ~ June 3rd, 2014. Filed under: music, releases.

GRAMMY®-nominated producer/award-winning remixer Chris Cox has produced an official remix for Daft Punk and Avicii!

The song is: Daft Punk feat. Negin, Derezzed (So Amazing) 2014 (Remixed by Avicii and Chris Cox), and it is a “remix of a remix” according to Cox. His remixed version of “Derezzed” just raced up to #34* (with a bullet) in a mere two (2) weeks on Billboard Magazine’s “Dance Club Songs” chart.

Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” (So Amazing Mix) [Remixed by Avicii featuring Negin] is included on Walt Disney Records’ EDM compilation DConstructed. The new release features tracks from Disney movies “re-imagined” by some of the biggest superstars in EDM including Axwell, Armin Van Buuren, Kaskade and many others. The original version of “Derezzed” is from the movie TRON: Legacy. Cox has worked with Disney on a number of projects and was commissioned by them to work his magic on a new remix.

“The track’s origin may seem a little confusing, “ said Cox of “Derezzed”, “but basically it’s this: Avicii remixed the original song by Daft Punk in 2010 and later added a new vocal, and I remixed Avicii’s remix…so I guess what I’ve really done is a remix of a remix. Regardless of the song’s DNA, I’m happy to be involved with such talented artists and I’m really proud of the way this came out.”

A globetrotting DJ with residencies around the world, Cox is also a chart-topping artist and producer in his own right. He’s had 45 #1’s as a producer/remixer (and 5 #1’s as an artist) on Billboard Magazine’s dance music charts.

Cox has summer tour dates slated for Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Cleveland and Atlanta along with Madrid, Spain; Prague (Czech Republic) and Toronto, Canada.

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