Erasure officially announce Chris Cox remix of new single!

by Chris Cox ~ January 26th, 2015. Filed under: music, releases, studio.

Erasure_Sacred-600x600Legendary band Erasure announced on their official website this week that the next and final single from their excellent latest album will be “Sacred.” Chris Cox had the pleasure of not only getting to remix the new single (which is said by many to be the best song on the album), but he also got to meet the band backstage at their Halloween show in Las Vegas since he was in the same city for a DJ set.

Chris has been a major fan of the band since Erasure’s first single, and this project was indeed a treat for him! After meeting Erasure members Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, Chris stated “they were so sweet and down to Earth, and it was such and honor to finally meet them. I enjoyed having a bit of brief tech talk with Vince, but I must admit I was trying to keep it together. Not only did he create the great music for Erasure’s amazing catalog of hits, but he’s also responsible for iconic records like Yaz “Situation” and Depeche Mode “Just Can’t Get Enough!” Synthesizer all-time classics!”

Chris has been testing out the mix at recent shows in Rio Janeiro and Los Angeles, and the response was overwhelming. “Sacred” is going to be a joy for anyone in search of music that is uplifting and celebratory.
The release date for America will be March 17. Until then you will have to hear it at one of Chris’ live shows.

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