New Official Chris Cox Remix for B.O.B. is released.

by Chris Cox ~ October 25th, 2015. Filed under: music, releases, studio, website.

Chris Cox explores new ground on this remix collaboration with Vegas music masters Dave Fogg and Warren Peace. The original version of B.O.B.’s new Warner Brothers single “Back and Forth” drips with old school house party funk. The trio of Cox, Fogg, and Peace have made a melodic trap mix that drops the perfect bass for booty shaking or head nodding.

Peace, Fogg, and Cox have been friends for years, but this marks the trio first-ever musical collaboration in the studio. Dave Fogg is the resident DJ at internationally recognized Las Vegas megaclub XS. Warren Peace can currently be found as the resident DJ at the multimillion dollar Vegas club Drai’s, and as the host of his new DJ web series “Ammo.”

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